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Living Animal Control & Pet Care Dog Waste - It's Your Dooty
Dog Waste

It's Your Doo-ty… Pick It Up: City Gets Serious About Dog Waste

The City of Beverly Hills encourages dog guardians to clean up after their pets and to take action against those who don't. "It's Your Doo-ty… Pick It Up" is the slogan on a sign that residents can place on their front yard. The City Council initiated the campaign in response to citizen complaints and concerns about public health. In addition to the public nuisance, animal waste can get into storm drains and pollute streams, lakes and the Santa Monica Bay.  Animal waste may be disposed of in the City's regular waste receptacles, but not in the GREEN waste bins.

The maximum number of signs allowed is one per property unless the property is a corner lot in which case two signs is the maximum.

Citizens may call (310) 285-1119, if they witness dog walkers leaving behind their animal's waste or violating any of the City's other municipal code ordinances.

In summary:

  • When being walked in any public area, dogs are required to be on a controlled, durable leash no longer than six feet in length. Code Section 5-2-202
  • A person may not walk more than three dogs at the same time - Code Section 5-2-202.
  • All dog guardians are required to clean up any mess, including defecation, caused by the pets and must wrap it up and dispose of it in a sanitary manner. Only a sightless person is exempt from this regulation. Code Section 5-2-105

To request a sign, come to City Hall during regular business hours. Ask staff at the Permit Center on the first floor to page a Code Enforcement Officer for you.

Animal-Related Regulations

  1. Excessive dog noise is prohibited - Code Section 5-1-210; it is the responsibility of the dog guardian to ensure that their dogs do not disturb the neighborhood. 
  2. Keeping of any dangerous animal - Code Section 5-2-302 Subsection 53.33
  3. Guardians liable for any damage or harm caused by their pet - Code Section 5-2-111
  4. Maximum of three dogs - Code Section 5-2-106
  5. Dogs must be kept on a maximum six-foot long leash at all times when being walked - Code Section 5-2-202
  6. Dog guardians are prohibited from not picking up after their pet defecates Code Section 5-2-105
Code Compliance
Department Contact Information
CONTACT: Code Compliance
ADDRESS: 455 N Rexford Drive, 1st Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
PHONE: (310) 285-1119
DEPARTMENT: Community Development