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Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau Brush Clearance Program
Brush Clearance Program

The Beverly Hills Fire Department has researched and developed a Vegetation Clearance Program which is focused on improving your safety, improving Firefighter safety, and increasing your home’s ability to withstand a major wildfire in your area.  This is accomplished by providing “defensible space” around your home where vegetation is less flammable and not excessive in volume.  Each year, on April 15th, Fire Department crews will begin to inspect each property in the “Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone."

What and where is the “Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone” (VHFHSZ)?

Under California law, the Director of Forestry and Fire Protection was directed to evaluate all properties within the State and identify areas at greater risk for life, loss, and destruction of property due to fire.  Statewide survey criterion was used to determine areas classified as a “Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone.”  Fuel, slope, weather, amount of vegetation, density of homes, roofing materials, and other fire related factors were considered.  As a result of this evaluation, the area north of Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills is designated as a “Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone.”

How do I comply?

You should self-inspect your property and make sure that it meets brush clearance requirements, as outlined in the information brochure that was mailed to all residents in the VHFHSZ.  The Brush Clearance Brochure can also be found by clicking on the link below.

What are the fees associated with the Brush Clearance Program?

To promote community awareness and participation in the Brush Clearance Program, the initial inspection fee will be waived if your property is found to be in compliance when the Fire Department conducts its initial brush inspection.  However, if your property is found noncompliant, you will be assessed the initial inspection fee plus a noncompliance fine and a reinspection fee as identified on page 3 of the Brush Clearance Brochure that was mailed to your home and which can also be found below. 

Will an inspector call before an inspection or can I make an appointment for an inspection?

No.  Due to the large volume of inspections and the fact that inspections are conducted in between responding to emergency calls, it makes it impossible for the Fire Department to call or make appointments.

Are there parking restrictions in the VHFHSZ?

During “Extreme Fire Weather Conditions," the City of Beverly Hills will restrict parking on certain streets north of Sunset.  These parking restrictions are required to ensure residents can evacuate and that firefighting equipment can get into the area.  When the parking restrictions are in place there will be signs posted at the entrance to these particular streets.

To learn more about vegetation management and what you can do to prepare for a wildland fire, please read the following brochures.