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City Government Committees Strategic Planning Committee
Strategic Planning Committee

The vision of the Strategic Planning Committee is: Beverly Hills as the foremost international City, renowned for quality of life, public safety and elevated luxury shopping, dining and hoteling.

The goal of the Committee is to create a strategic plan with consensus amongst stakeholders, including developers, residents and merchants, about the future and evolution of the Beverly Hills' commercial areas. This plan will help realize this vision and ensure that Beverly Hills is increasingly relevant in a changing retail environment.

Beverly Hills is now, and has been for decades, the ultimate luxury destination in the world. This international reputation, based in the fine restaurants, hotels and stores, has generated City revenues which support the residential quality of life.

However, that number one position is threatened by the advent of “experiences” in surrounding shopping venues. Beverly Hills needs to create new commercial “experiences” which support the changing demographics and needs of our times but are respectful of the City's heritage.


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