Commission Accomplishments

Accomplishments 2016

Lisa Kay Schwartz and Daniel Nazarian have served as the Chair and Vice Chair from January 2016 to December 2016.


The area of focus for 2016 was Aware! Aware! Aware! The areas of interest included:

  • Educate and Encourage Neighborhood Watch Awareness
  • Increase Social Media Account Registration
  • Emergency Telephone Notification
  • Focus on Distracted Walking and Driving


During this time the Health and Safety Commission accomplished the following:


  • Continued the Health and Safety Recognition Program, honoring individuals, businesses, and groups who have demonstrated leadership in the field of health and safety issues or made a contribution to the mission of the Health and Safety Commission.



Honorable Les Bronte, Alex Kay, Peter Landau, Pam Meadow, and David Seidel for their work with the City’s CERT program


Chiron Center Crisis Response Team as initial responders


Beverly Hills Public Library Adult Literacy STAR (Start Today and Read) Program to improve literacy


Mr. Kurt Schmalzbach of BHUSD for his role in helping save the life of a student


Rob Karlin, owner of Los Angeles Funeral Service, for his work with Karen Setian’s family. Also, Dr. Carmen Bertoni, for her work with the Neuromuscular Disease Foundation (NDF)'s quest for a cure for GNE Myopathy (HIBM)


Fred Zaidman, Michael Blumenfeld, and Jeff Horn of the Cedars-Sinai Blood Donor Program


Josh Gross and Isabel Hacker for their significant roles in the stem cell donor program


Karen Setian and Ida Nalbandian for establishing the Vahagn Setian Memorial 5K Run/Walk and the Every 15 Minute Program in memory of their son Vahagn Setian


Officer Christophe LeLong for his service to the City of Beverly Hills.


  • Added monthly presentations and announced each month the monthly observances for Health and Safety related subjects.


  • Heard two updates by Human Services Administrator Jim Latta and/or BH Ambassador Program Operations Manager Kris Zagyva on the team’s program. Implemented with the Fire Department a Pet Alert decals program that is being distributed to pet owners for use in disasters, to notify public safety personnel there is a pet inside.


  • Heard status updates from BHUSD regarding student body immunizations and vaccinations, student safety and security during construction at the El Rodeo school, and received monthly updates from Isabel Hacker, BHUSD Board Member and Health and Safety Commission Liaison and/or Mr. Chris Hertz, BHUSD Director of Student Services/Special Projects.


  • Heard Police Department updates on the Neighborhood Watch program, the use of electronic bicycles and mopeds, distracted driving and texting citations, residential burglaries, and National Night Out.


  • Watched presentation on City’s winter preparedness for El Niño storm. 


  • Finalized current revisions to the Health and Safety Commission ordinance. Presented to City Council liaisons.


  • Revised Health and Safety ordinance approved by City Council.


  • Received introduction to new Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli.


  • Heard presentation about the City’s Pilot Bike Share Program which began the week of February 22, 2016.


  • Discussed outreach options and opportunities for this year’s safe City messages on: Neighborhood Watch, signing up for the City’s message notification system, and distracted driving and texting.


  • Received introduction to recently appointed Assistant City Manager George Chavez.


  • Supported the successful Earth Day event held on April 17, 2016 at the Farmer’s Market.


  • Heard article from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety regarding distracted driving.


  • Received presentation and information on National Stroke Awareness Month and Lupus Awareness Month.


  • Heard an update on the City’s Water Conservation efforts and programs.


  • Heard report on reported on the new red light cameras at Olympic & S. Beverly Drive and S. Santa Monica Blvd. & Crescent Drive.


  • Received presentation and information on Cystic Fibrosis and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).


  • Heard presentation on the Santa Monica Boulevard reconstruction.


  • Provided presentations to each of the PTA’s and a variety of other organizations on Health and Safety related issues including signing up for the City’s notifications systems.


  • Heard presentation on the Westside Purple Line Extension projects.


  • Heard from a Water Quality Specialist from the Public Works department about the City’s water quality and water treatment plant.


  • Received information on the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (DPH) public relations toolkit to help prevent mosquito bites and a pamphlet on Zika Virus.


  • Participated in the National Night Out providing information to the community on Health and Safety related issues and the CERT classes.


  • Viewed Dangerstoppers episode “Fight the Bite.”


  • Received information regarding tiger mosquitos.


  • Provided input on the Office of Emergency Management’s Disaster Ready Program and Certification Program for Businesses Program.


  • Heard information on the L.A. County Department of Public Health (DPH) public relations toolkit to spread awareness of the recent outbreak of meningococcal disease.


  • Heard report from Traffic & Parking Commission meeting regarding the implementation of Police Department checkpoints.


  • Received information on disaster preparedness for September National Preparedness Month.


  • Heard informational presentation and provided input on proposed Seismic Retrofit Program for existing wood-framed buildings with soft, weak, or open front walls.


  • Heard and provided communication on introductory information on a multi-unit housing policy that regulates smoking.


  • Held two public meetings to gain Community Input on the multi-unit housing policy that regulates smoking.


  • Reviewed 2016 Biennial Conflict of Interest Code.


  • Created and viewed Dangerstoppers “Stay Aware” episode with City’s cable office.